Nailed It Completely

The Australian Senate today passed the legislation to give effect to the results of the recently concluded Marriage Law Postal Survey. I, along with countless others I suspect, watched the televised last division because, regardless of one’s position on the question, today was an historical day in the life of Australia.

In watching the the telecast of the third reading speeches I was amused by the attempts of some members of the Senate who, having supported the ‘No’ case in the Postal Survey, now sort to revisit the whole argument, as if the Postal Survey was just beginning rather than so recently finished. It was as if they weren’t aware that they had failed in their attempt to convince the overwhelming majority of Australians to support their quest against marriage equality.

Some of the behaviour was downright ludicrous; some was simply sad. But Kath, nails the behaviour in one single paragraph of her column:

But fighting the good fight with dignity and respect seems beyond the capacity of some of the toddlers and trolls who inhabit the chambers of our parliament, whose primary task now is, seemingly, feeding the media ecosphere that encourages their antics and trades in only one zero-sum commodity: outrage.arine Murphy, political editor of The Guardian Australia

Is there any wonder Australians have little regard for the elected representatives?