Beauty and Danger

An interesting article, one of personal reflection, found its way in to my email inbox today from America magazine. It’s very title, “An ex-Catholic Quaker on the beauty (and danger) of the Latin Mass”, immediately caught my attention, and reading the reflection from Patrick Nugent ensured that my immediate attention was grounded in something much more significant.

Perhaps the most telling part of the reflection, something which stands on a reality that is evidenced in other contexts and other magazines, is Nugent’s belief that

… advocates of restoring the Tridentine liturgy over the last 40 years have also advocated for the return of a preconciliar culture, theology and mindset. They often believe fervently that the Second Vatican Council is at best an aberration and the vernacular liturgy an abomination. They have not advocated the extraordinary form as an expression of liturgical diversity in the body of Christ but as a beachhead from which to recapture stolen territory. The briefest perusal of the paper and electronic publications of the mutually-hostile Societies of St. Pius X and St. Pius V finds powerful, if extreme, examples.

This is a well written and articulate article that is worthy of reading and reflection.