Review: The Waxman Murders

The Waxman Murders (Hugh Corbett, #15)The Waxman Murders by Paul Doherty

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another engaging intrigue from the pen of Paul Doherty which sees our protagonist, Hugh Corbett, Keeper of the Secret Seal of King Edward, visiting the city of Canterbury in the face of a break down in the King’s peace.

Yet there is more to the story than just a series of present day murders; there are antecedents that date back many years and which have given rise to the current situation facing the city and people of Canterbury. And it is up to Corbett and his well-known trust aides to unravel the various knots of the intrigue in order to find the murderer or murderers.

The identity of the killer is not revealed until the very end, and it came as quite a surprise to this reader in particular. The engaging way in which the historical threads have been woven into the overarching narrative of the mystery continues to engage and contribute to the enjoyment of this novel. Paul Doherty is becoming one of my favourite authors because of his mastery of mystery narratives and historical perspective.

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