Back Off Indeed, Sir

The newly re-installed Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, one Barnaby Joyce of New England, has taken to attempting to bully the Prime Minister of New Zealand, of which he was until so recently a citizen, to not interfere with Australia’s ongoing efforts to dehumanize and demonize the refugees and asylum seekers Australia is seeking to abandon on Manus Island. He’s accused the NZ Prime Minister of interfering in the sovereignty of another country, by which he means either Australia or Papua New Guinea, by continuing to offer to resettle up to 150 of the men now languishing in less than optimal conditions on Manus Island.

I, for one, know exactly who should back off…and it isn’t the Prime Minister of New Zealand who has shown herself to have more human decency than the entirety of the current Australian federal government.

Back off, Mr Joyce, and stop trying to interfere in the internal affairs of another country, i.e. New Zealand and their humanitarian approach to human beings in need, or their own political system.