Impact on Internal Church Politics

The Final Report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will take weeks and months to both absorb and then implement; it is certainly not a short term exercise, nor should it be given the gravity of the subject matter. Writing for Crux, though, John L. Allen Jr. raises a ‘take’ on the Final Report that I don’t believe has been considered by many people as yet – and from what Allen says the Royal Commission has completely ignored (rightly so, too, I hasten to add).

The question of how the Final Report will be received by some within the Church both within Australia and at a broader level than just Australia will be interesting to watch. And for those like me who see that the Church needs to respond to the recommendations of the Royal Commission in a positive way, again not just in Australia, the potential that some will use some of those same recommendations to essentially bed down a ‘let’s move on’ attitude needs to be carefully watched for…and fought against.