Destruction Piece By Piece

The recent appointment of a new head of the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission has raised the concern of some, including myself, as to the appropriateness of the appointment. The new incumbent is well-known and on the public record as being anti-charities, and one can see in the appointment an attempt to undermine the very sector the ACNC is supposed to regulate.

As Alex McKinnon writes about in the latest edition of The Saturday Paper, this appointment is part of a trend from a certain style of political ideology to appoint fellow ideologues to positions of leadership of those agencies to which the political parties are ideologically opposed. It is something we see under the current Administration of the United States, as McKinnon points out, and must really be seen as a danger to the values inherent in democracy – where voices opposed to the current holders of power are systematically destroyed piece by piece.

This is an article well worth reading in the context of today’s society.