By Bully I Meant…

I was challenged in another forum as to why I posted the Tweet below on my Twitter feed this morning, being told that I didn’t understand the reasons and background behind the statements of the current US President.

For those who may be unaware, the US President, as well as his Ambassador to the United Nations, has publicly stated that he’ll be watching those countries who may vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations to denounce his unilateral declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel, and will defund those countries. “We’ll save a lot of money, we don’t care” were his words.

My challenger berated me that, in denouncing the current US President as a bully, I failed to take into consideration the ‘fact’ that the United States has always been taken advantage of by other countries (no specific countries were named) and by the United Nations (which explains why it is one of the few countries with a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, and has the power to veto Security Council resolutions). The President, my challenger informed me, was only voicing the opinion of ‘many Americans’ who are sick and tired of having the US taken advantage of, of doing things for other countries and not getting anything in return. The US was, accordingly, not going to continue to support others who so publicly humiliated the US. Enough was enough.

At this point I was speechless.

Apparently US Foreign Policy is now decided on a pure ‘what can I get out of it’ basis, without any consideration of the common good or the need to ‘do things for other countries’ because it might actually be just the right thing to do. Granted that just about all foreign policy of all countries and multi-national groupings has some sense of self-benefit to it, but it is not the sole basis for the construction of said foreign policy.Under the current US President, however, the US nation appears to be circling the wagons, isolating themselves from the international community, and once again embracing a sense of American exceptionalism and isolationism.

I fail to see how such an approach will ‘Make America Great Again’, since other countries will eventually fill the vacuum the US seems to be creating under the current President, stepping into the roles vacated by the US and ensuring that the common good of the rest of the world is considered in the development and application of their foreign policy.

All of which will lead to the US being increasingly irrelevant on the world stage.