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Review: Nightshade

Nightshade (Hugh Corbett Mystery 16)Nightshade by Paul Doherty

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another wonderful historically set mystery from the pen of Paul Doherty sees our hero, Sir Hugh Corbett, Keeper of the Secret Seal for King Edward of England, sent to a small Essex town to unravel the mysterious deaths and mayhem that had been visited upon that town. Accompanied by his usual companions, Corbett descends on the town bringing suspicion and resentment in his wake, but also his powerful intellect and resolute determination to the challenges and dangers he faces. As we have come to expect in the previous volumes of this continuing series, Corbett unravels the mystery – a solution that took this reader completely by surprise – and brings with it justice and restoration of the King’s peace.

Doherty continues to impress me with his skill of combining a wonderful narrative with the historical background that is a feature of this series. More than ever I have come to appreciate his Author’s Notes at the conclusion of the novel that outlines the broader historical context of the novel. The mastery of these competing disciplines is one of the reasons I keep coming back to the series.

Highly recommended read.

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