Review: The Alehouse Murders

The Alehouse Murders (Templar Knight Mystery, #1)The Alehouse Murders by Maureen Ash
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very intriguing and engaging mystery set in the medieval town of Lincoln, and introducing the hero of the Templar Knight Mystery series, Sir Bascot de Marins, a member of the Templars, a former captive of the Saracens in the Holy Land, and a man facing many questions within himself. When the town is confronted with a series of murders in the lead up to the local fair, the local authorities ask de Marins to investigate, a task he undertakes with the kind of dedication and determination that he learnt as a member of the Templars.

The historical setting of Lincoln is very real and historically consistent, which adds to the power of the narrative and mystery created by Maureen Ash. It is a genre that I particularly appreciate, and Ash has excelled in her portrayal of the historical Lincoln as the background to murder and mystery.

Very highly recommended.

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