Review: It Is Right and Just: Responses of the Roman Missal

It Is Right and Just: Responses of the Roman MissalIt Is Right and Just: Responses of the Roman Missal by John M. Cunningham

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A short and small volume that looks at the revised translations of the various responses of the Roman Missal, and attempts to provide a commentary on the revised translations drawing on the Scriptures and the works of the Church Fathers to do so.

In one sense, this book is now superfluous; the revised translated have now been in use for over six years, and by and large are now firmly established in the usage of most church attenders, regardless of what people might make of the worthiness of the translation process. In another sense, this volume allows the continuing reflection and study on the new responses, providing some of the background for their selection and usage from the depths of the Tradition itself.

I’m not sure what to make of this book ultimately, nor whether I would recommend it to others. Perhaps there may be some benefit for group study for those who might be interested in the topic, but again given the length of time that has now passed since the ‘new’ English translation has been in effect, I remain doubtful whether there would be any benefit to be gained at this point.

Only for the really serious.

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