Review: Dark Serpent

Dark Serpent (Hugh Corbett, #18)Dark Serpent by Paul Doherty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another tour de force from Paul Doherty in the continuing adventures of Hugh Corbett, Keeper of the Secret Seal, clerk to the King of England. The story has our eponymous hero drawn back into service to the new King of England, Edward II, and back into the City of London where intrigue, mystery and murder abound.

Accompanied by his always present companions, Ranulf and Chanson, Corbett has been tasked to uncover the political intrigue of King Philip of France has in store for England, and the connected dissolution of the Templar Order that had been in train for a few years by the time in which this novel is set. Former Templars (if there is such a thing at the stage) feature heavily in the novel, and this provided an additional attraction for me.

As always, Doherty has crafted a wonderfully engaging narrative within the prevailing historical context of the time in which the novel is set in a way that provides a degree of ‘realism’ to the story. This mastery of his craft continues to place Doherty at the top of a list of those authors who engage in the genre of historical fiction.

Very highly recommended.

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