A Lasting Legacy

A wonderful article from Mike Seccombe, national correspondent for The Saturday Paper, on the continuing and lasting legacy of the policy decisions of the Australian government that was led by John Howard. As the article points out, the consequences of some of those decisions are still being felt ten years after the defeat of the Howard government, and being felt not necessarily in a positive way.

It just goes to show that great care should be shown in the development of public policy by a party who holds government – regardless of political persuasion – because the impacts of those policies might bring short-term benefit to a political party or political leader, but may have very serious and deleterious consequences for the nation the political party/leader is supposed by governing.

What we need in this country – and around the world I would hasten to include – is less partisan political hacks, and more leaders who can cast their mind beyond opinion polls and the next election. The nation, and the world, would be better for the presence of such great leaders.