Of Gods and Men

The movie Of Gods and Men portrays the story of the Trappist monks of Tibhirine, Algeria in the midst of violence and war that afflicted that nation during the 1990s. It is an extremely powerful and intensely moving motion picture, one that shows the impact of the Trappist monks on their neighbours, most of whom were Muslims rather than Christians, and the regard that the local community had for their Trappists.

As the movie and history reports, seven of those Trappist monks were ultimately murdered by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, but the Trappists had refused to leave, even knowing that their lives would be in danger. Part of their motivation, as the movie portrays, was a refusal to abandon the local community whom they knew and loved. The news this morning that those Trappist monks would be included among Algerians soon to beatified as martyrs brought a tear to the eye.