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Review: Death of a Squire

Death of a Squire (Templar Knight Mystery, #2)Death of a Squire by Maureen Ash
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another wonderful tale from the pen of Maureen Ash set in medieval Lincoln during the reign of King John (who actually features in this particular story). In the presence of secret murder and mystery, the knight, Sir Bascot de Marins, a Templar knight facing anguish over whether his future lies within the folds of that Order or not, is tasked to investigate the murder of a squire in the retinue of a baron currently visiting the castle in which he currently finds a home.

Although not his normal field of expertise, de Marins undertakes the task he has been assigned with the commitment and devotion to duty that was indicative of the Knights Templar, and with the assistance of those who are fast becoming good friends and colleagues uncovers the culprit and the reason behind the gruesome murders that take place during the course of the novel.

The setting of the narrative – medieval Lincoln – is in keeping with the accepted history of the town at the time, and this level of authenticity adds to the overall effectiveness of the author’s efforts. Very highly recommended.

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