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Review: A Plague of Poisons

A Plague of Poison (Templar Knight Mystery, #3)A Plague of Poison by Maureen Ash

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A thoroughly engaging and surprising story from the pen of Maureen Ash, especially towards the end, where the revelation of the villain caught me entirely by surprise. Our hero, Sir Bascot de Marins, is once again drawn into murder and intrigue as he works to uncover the identity of a poisoner creating mischief in the town of Lincoln while, at the same time, attempting to resolve the continuing question of his future with the Order of the Temple.

The story stretches back in the past from the setting of the novel and thus the intrigue associated with the plague of poisonings is more convoluted to uncover for de Marins. There are false starts, dead ends, supposedly solutions, and a continuing doubt in the mind of de Marins until the real culprit is unmasked and cornered.

The detail of Ash’s writing and research lends a degree of authenticity to the narrative as we have come to expect in the Templar Knight Mystery series so far, and is a feature that is truly engaging. I look forward to continuing with the stories, particularly in light of where de Marins’ personal journey is left at the end of this current episode.

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