Review: Murder for Christ’s Mass

Murder for Christ's Mass (Templar Knight Mystery, #4)Murder for Christ’s Mass by Maureen Ash

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great mystery yarn from Maureen Ash featuring Sir Bascot de Marins, Knight Templar currently in the service of the castellan of Lincoln Castle. As we have come to expect, de Marins ability to unravel murderous mystery is put to good use in this tale of treasure, betrayal, and murder surrounding the celebration of the holy days of Christ’s Mass.

Responding to the pleas not of the castellan in this edition but rather her husband the sheriff, de Marins’ by now locally well-known to track down those who would perpetrate secret murder, regardless of who might be involved, is tested once more following the death of a local clerk of the King’s mint, together with the subsequent death of another local apprentice in similar fashion. Throw in the possibility of a treasure trove having been discovered and not reported according to law, and there is motive enough for anyone to resort to the taking of life. As it turns out, however, the motivation that leads to murder is not what might be expected…and neither was the killer.

As always, Ash manages to weave together a powerful narrative with authenticity of historical setting in this edition in the Templar Knight Mystery series. The result is a compelling story that holds the attention of the reader from beginning to end.

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