The Death of the Mainstream

Another thought-provoking article from Massimo Faggioli in La Croix International, in which he comments on the current difference in religious worldviews within (especially) Western Catholicism. There is, Faggioli strongly suggests, a distinction to be made between classical Catholic conservatism and the nascent but strengthening neo-traditionalism that is currently evident in the ways he identifies.

Of particular interest to this reader is Faggioli’s identification of the four major streams of the ‘Catholic conservative drift’ contained in the second part of the article. Having it set out in this way, clearly and I would argue authoritatively, makes it very clear that this phenomenon does exist within the contemporary Church, and is growing in reach because of the availability of the internet.

Of greater concern, however, is the drift Faggioli identifies within the neo-traditionalist movement (for want of a better word) from moderation to extremism. This drift echoes what we see in secular political discourse and is concerning for the life of the Church and its mission in the world.

As I said at the beginning, a very thought-provoking article on what can only be described as a dangerous phenomenon within the Church. This is an article which any interested member of the contemporary Church should read and reflect upon.