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Review: Master of War Boxset: Books I-III – The first volume

This is a review of the first book of three in the box set; each book will be reviewed individually and in turn.

Master of War Boxset: Books I-IIIMaster of War Boxset: Books I-III by David Gilman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like many first books in a series, the first book of this trilogy is a little ponderous at points, largely because much of the ‘back story’ of the characters in order that the future volumes don’t need to be laboured with it. Aside from that, the story is a good one, rooted firmly in historical setting of King Edward III of England’s attempts to regain his possessions in France.

Our hero, Thomas Blackstone, is a yeoman archer in the King’s army that goes to France. The novel follows his journey and growing maturity up to the historical battle of Crecy in which he is all but fatally wounded and from which he is knighted for conspicuous gallantry in defence of the Prince of Wales. And it is this development that will shape the remainder of this novel and the future volumes in the series.

The book has a very engaging narrative that is historically authentic as well as able to hold the attention of the reader. I very much look forward to continuing with the remaining volumes in this box set, and other books in the series.

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