How Many Must Die?

Another day dawns in the United States of America, and there is yet another mass shooting event in a US school.

Or at least that’s how it appears all to frequently to those outside the boundaries of the United States.

How many students must be murdered at the hands of someone who has access to firearms before something is done to remove that access? How many is enough? 100? 200?

Surely the answer to that question is one…one is too many to die from a situation that is entirely preventable. It is well past time for the US Government to tackle this issue, to ignore the rampant propaganda of organisations like the National Rifle Association, and to address the issue of firearm control on the basis of what it clearly is: a public health issue.

Now is the time, now in the aftermath of this latest tragedy, lest more innocents become the victims of a government’s seeming incapacity to act.