A Move to the Middle Please

An interesting article written by Jack Bentz SJ in America touching on how poorly we, as the Church, make visitors to our churches welcome despite blurbs in the bulletin, greeters at the door, etc etc. And all because we occupy the end of the pew seats… There’s something worthy of reflection here.

I was raised Catholic. I know the strategy. The first-class seats are at the end of the pew. To create a warm and inviting parish, it is apparently much easier to put a welcome blurb in the bulletin or even to station greeters at the front of the church than for parishioners to sit in the middle of an empty pew.



One thought on “A Move to the Middle Please

  1. Something we have all noticed, and likely muttered under under our breath about, as we stumble to those empty seats in the middle of the pew. Should be reprinted in every church bulletin.


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