If Not Now, Then When?

I have been appalled, but not surprised, by the way in which many politicians and public organisations in the United States have responded to the (most) recent school-based mass shooting event in that country. Many, including the President of the United States himself, have offered ‘thoughts and prayers’ to those directly impacted and the town in which the latest tragedy happened. But when pressed on whether there should be a tightening of gun control laws in the United States, the answer almost always seems to be “Now is not the time. This is a time for grieving and coming together as a community”.

To which I call “bullshit”!

If the latest in a long series of school-based mass shooting events is not the time to revisit the issue of gun control and appropriate gun regulation, then when is the right time? How many school children need to die at the hands of an individual with access to the kind of weaponry that rightly belongs to the military or law enforcement?

Surely the immediate aftermath of yet another school-based mass shooting event is the perfect time for law makers to examine these issues.

At least it should be, as it should have been after the last one, and the one before that, and the one before that…