Review: Master of War Boxset: Books I-III – The second volume

This is a review of the second book of three in the box set

Master of War Boxset: Books I-IIIMaster of War Boxset: Books I-III by David Gilman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I had hoped that the second book in the boxset would prove to be a more engaging and exciting contribution to the ongoing and unfolding story of the new Sir Thomas Blackstone. I was very disappointed to find it was not, proving to be more ponderous – and longer! – than the first volume.

Though I could sense the why of what was being unfolded, it was hard going to continue to work through this volume. It is unfortunate because the time in which the narrative is set is generally an era of interest to me.

I am unsure whether I will continue with the third book in the set.

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