Ecclesia Semper Reformanda

Ecclesia semper reformanda, “The Church is always in need of reformation”, is a catchcry oft heard among various dimensions within the Church. The focus is not dependent upon where the speaker locates themselves on the ecclesiastical political spectrum, only the content of the supposed needed reformation will change as one moves along that spectrum.

Writing for La Croix International, Massimo Faggioli looks at some of the players in the ongoing reformation of the Church, and the way in which some players do so as a means of pushing an ecclesiastical agenda, over and against the reform being promoted by Pope Francis. The current papal reform agenda is, as Faggioli indicates, more to do with promoting synodality within the Church than any institutional reform or specific doctrinal reforms. Specific institutional or doctrinal reforms promoted by ‘think tanks’ or ‘advocacy groups’ are, Faggioli suggests, not what Pope Francis has in mind:

The type of synodality that Francis is trying to inculcate in the church is not merely one that strives to make the church non-monarchical and more collegial. It is also a synodality that ensures that “small but powerful groups” are prohibited from running the church. It is an antidote to those who think reforming the church requires a well-funded group with abundant travel funds, connections with the powerful and effective communication skills.

An article well worth reading.