A Distorted System

The peak organisation for Anglican community services organisation, Anglicare, has released a report it has commissioned that has the shone some light on the way in which the Australian taxation system appears to favour the wealthy of Australia, with the top twenty percent of Australian households by wealth benefitting overwhelmingly from tax concessions that ‘cost’ the Federal budget about half the amount of the four main welfare payments (itself a term that is problematic).

I post this story largely because it is the welfare payments that seem to be an almost constant target for government ‘crackdowns’ while the tax concessions available to the wealthy are not. Those who benefit from the tax concessions are not, I hasten to add, doing anything illegal; the system has been legislated the way it is, and those who are benefitting from them are simply using the opportunities that they have available to them. Yet Anglicare is also quick to point out:

“The system isn’t broken, it’s actually been designed this way to benefit people at the higher end of the income spectrum more than those at the lower end.”

And that, my dear reader, is unacceptable.