Christ Is Risen!

Χριστός Ανέστη! Christ is risen!

At his General Audience last Wednesday, Pope Francis reflected on the significance of the Paschal Triduum that we have just celebrated:

These three days propose again to the Christian people the great events of the salvation wrought by Christ, and so project it on the horizon of their future destiny and reinforce it in their commitment of witness in history.

This one sentence captures the significance of what we celebrate at Easter each year, an ‘event’ celebrated in the here and now that reaches back to the past, and projects it into an unknown future.

The celebration of our salvation, the great Paschal Mystery we celebrate liturgically every Sunday, always defies the restraints of time, drawing together the past, the present, and the future into the salvation gifted to God’s people by a loving and generous God.

May the peace of Christ, Risen this day, be with you and your loved ones this Easter Day, across the entire Easter Season, ad each and every day as you continue the journey of witnessing to what we have celebrated in these last three days.