Towards A More Representative Church

In light of the now papally approved Plenary Council of the Church in Australia, scheduled to take place in 2020, the latest article of Massimo Faggioli from La Croix International should surely be seen as mandatory reading for all those who will or may take place in that great event.

The catholicity of the church — its teachings and actions — is not just measured in terms of the orthodoxy of its content, but also in terms of how these teachings and actions are decided and carried out. Representation in the church is not the same as democratization of the church. But a weakened culture of participation means also a weaker ability of the church to represent, that is, to make possible the effective presence of the Trinity through Christ and the Spirit.

Undermining, in the name of an idiosyncratic idea of orthodox teaching, the legitimacy of the institutions that cooperate in representing Christ in the church means working towards an authoritarian-corporate or, on the other side of the spectrum, a populistic-demagogic system. The Catholic Church represented in the preparation for the Synod assembly on youth is more representative of the church — with all its limits — than the opinions expressed in a Tweet or in a column.