Not Defending The Indefensible

I like the way Bernard Keane, politics editor for Crikey, writes. He has a style of writing that is immediately engaging and communicates his point with just the right amount of humour.

His latest column, appearing today, is no exception, as he takes aim at the way some journalists working for a formerly reputable Australian business newspaper seem to delight in attempting to denigrate and belittle a journalist working for Australia’s public broadcaster. Their obsession, and accompanying print vendetta, seems to be for two reasons. Firstly, the target of their vitriol is a talented, insightful, and reputable journalist who happens to be female, a “work of considerable self-belief” to quote their own words. There should be nothing for the perpetrators to complain about in this regard…unless they are acting from envy.

The second reason, perhaps, is because the targeted journalist has dared to disagree with the ‘economic’ position preferred by those who are seeking to belittle her. How dare anyone – let alone a female! – believe they have the right or ability to adopt a position, based on analysis and research, that is different to their own.

Keane’s position is very clear – his support for the target of the obsession comes not because the said journalist is a female, but because she may, perhaps, be correct in the position that she adopted.

And that is as it ought to be.

The AFR’s obsession with Emma Alberici reaches fever pitch

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