The Tragic Case of Alfie Evans

The death overnight in England of Alfie Evans as a result of the degenerative brain condition with which he was born is a sad development. It is sad not because his artificial life support had been withdrawn or the desire of his parents had not been honoured by the Court, but rather because a young life has ended. The death of any child clearly loved by his parents who also clearly wanted him to live is something to give us pause. Death is something that happens to those at the other end of life and even then is a sad development because of the love that has surrounded them across a long life.

In my humble estimation, however, the tragedy of the case of Alfie Evans has been the way in which his all too short life has been used for a range of purposes, both political and ‘religious’, and often by people almost entirely disconnected from the immediate life of Alfie Evans. I have been praying for Alfie and his family since his tragic case came to public awareness, praying that peace would be found for all involved in the case, and yet I have been profoundly disturbed by the way in which the plight of Alfie and his parents have been used in ways that can only be described as reprehensible.

The article below outlines the complexity of the case, and the way in which it was hijacked for ulterior purposes. I don’t agree with everything Matthew Scott writes in his article, but there is more than enough truth in there to make it worth reading and considering.

In the aftermath of Alfie’s death, there are a lot of people around the world who claim to be Christian who should take a long hard look at the way they work. From my perspective from the outside looking in, they may want to give some serious thought to what they mean when they claim that title.

The Tragic Case of Alfie Evans