More on the Tragedy of Alfie Evans

In his Letter From Rome published in La Croix International, Robert Mickens writes about those who manipulated and exploited the end-of-life tragedy of a British toddler.

As Mickens notes:

Alfie’s parents were assisted in their struggle by a small collection of people from outside Britain who entered the young couple’s lives several months ago, apparently uninvited and on their own initiative.

These people befriended Tom and Kate and ended up playing a key role in advising the young couple’s course of action and, especially, in helping to make Alfie’s saga known throughout the world.

But one wonders if they didn’t actually do a disservice to Alfie and his parents. There are more than a few people in the Church, including some bishops and Vatican officials, who believe – but are uncomfortable to say so publicly – that these outside forces actually exploited this young family to advance their own politically motivated agendas.