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Review: The Enterprise of England

The Enterprise of England (The Chronicles of Christoval Alvarez, #2)The Enterprise of England by Ann Swinfen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The second volume in the continuing adventures of Christoval Alvarez picks up immediately after the first volume, which has seen Kit drawn back into working for Sir Francis Walsingham, the chief spymaster of Queen Elizabeth. The narrative takes place in the lead up to the sailing of the Spanish Armada, and sees Kit undertaking two secret missions into The Netherlands at the behest of Walsingham, somewhat reluctantly.

Again, Anne Swinfen has provided an engaging narrative that draws the reader into the life of Christoval Alvarez and the secrets that Kit is forced to keep. We learn more about Kit’s early life before the family’s arrival in England, with more glimpses into the trauma and tragedy the family experienced at the hands of the Inquisition after Spain’s annexure of Portugal. We also learn more about the history that surrounded this period of English history, which Swinfen has reliably painted as background to the narrative of Kit’s adventures.

A very easy and enjoyable volume to read, and I look forward to the next edition in The Chronicles of Christoval Alvarez.

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