Review: Bartholomew Fair

Bartholomew Fair (The Chronicles of Christoval Alvarez, #4)Bartholomew Fair by Ann Swinfen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A wonderful tale set in Elizabethan London, whereby our eponymous hero, Dr Christoval Alvarez (Kit), is drawn into the aftermath of the failed Portuguese expedition that featured in the previous volume of the series.

Having returned from the expedition, Kit faces personal and professional tragedy, yet does so with grace and flair, and the support of good friends. Drawn into further work for Sir Francis Walsingham’s secret service, Kit is engaged in supporting the uncovering of a plot against one of the country’s great and mighty personalities of the day and manages to rescue the occasion at great personal risk.

By the end of the volume, Kit is in a new professional role, is firmly ensconced in the close circle of Walsingham’s service, and has reunited with the close friends who now form the family Kit has lost.

A wonderful and enjoyable read. Highly recommended.

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