Review: The Blood of The Fifth Knight

The Blood of The Fifth KnightThe Blood of The Fifth Knight by E.M. Powell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another wonderful yarn featuring Sir Benedict Palmer, the Fifth Knight, and his wife, Theodosia. Picking up, more or less, from the previous volume, this story sees King Henry of England continuing to face danger to his throne, from within and without, and into which Benedict and Theodosia are unwillingly drawn,

I have to confess to wondering where things were going about halfway through the novel – which is probably a good sign – but wanting to know meant that I continued on until the ‘missing thread’ was added. And then, well, then I needed to see the various threads come together into the tapestry of the final story.

The setting of the novel is, as previously, historical – as in the general time, intrigues and characters are real – into which are woven a wonderful potential narrative. In doing so, our author captures and keeps the attention of the reader from the beginning until the end.

Very highly recommended.

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