Opposing the Gospel of Prosperity

The Italian Jesuit journal, La Civilità Cattolica, has recently published an article that is strongly condemnatory of the so-called “prosperity gospel” that is the common ideology underpinning certain kind of ‘Christian’ churches, particularly those known as “megachurches”.

The article is well researched and well argued and is well worth reading. It pulls no punches in clearly opposing the “prosperity gospel” as the kind of anti-gospel that Pope Francis has opposed.

If you are not able to read the entire article, Massimo Faggioli has produced a very good summary of the article and its theme for La Croix International.

I would strongly recommend reading both – although which you read first is entirely up to you.

The La Civilità Cattolica article can be found by going here.

Faggioli’s article can be found below.

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