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Review: Voyage to Muscovy

Voyage to Muscovy (The Chronicles of Christoval Alvarez, #6)Voyage to Muscovy by Ann Swinfen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Life was looking reasonably good for our eponymous hero, a professional position as a physician, a wide and diverse group of friends, and financial security that had previously not existed. The only thing that was missing was involvement in the intrigue that came about because of Kit’s connection to the late Sir Francis Walsingham.

And then Kit is ‘forced’ into a mission for the Muscovy Company that involves to the strange and distant land of the same name. Commissioned to find a missing Company agent, who may or may not have had connections to Walsingham, Kit experiences all the vagaries of Muscovy life – the intrigue, the seeming complete disrespect for human life, and the challenge that is the climate and environment of Muscovy.

I found this latter aspect of the novel very attractive and engaging, and a wonderful setting for the narrative surrounding Kit and company as they succeed in their mission and manage to escape Muscovy relatively intact. As always, Anne Swinfen crafts a wonderfully engaging narrative filled with historicity and engaging characters.

Highly recommended.

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