Review: The Lopez Affair

The Lopez Affair (The Chronicles of Christoval Alvarez #9)The Lopez Affair by Ann Swinfen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another volume in the ongoing tales of Dr Christoval Alvarez, physician of St Thomas’ Hospital, and sometimes coworker of the (by now) late Sir Francis Walsingham. This section of Kit’s tale follows the unfortunate development that surrounds the husband of one of her closest friends, and someone who had previously offered her sanctuary not once, but twice.

Surrounded by the swirl of political machinations and intrigue, particularly the ongoing struggle for supremacy between the Earl of Essex and the Cecil family for supremacy as the successor of Walsingham, Kit continues to live her double-life constantly afraid of being exposed for who she is – and being punished for it. The usual cast of characters, who have come in and out of Kit’s immediate circle, make their appearance throughout the volume, contributing both to the general narrative and Kit’s personal life and struggles.

Another masterful narrative from Ann Swinfen weaving the elements of history with a wonderful story and increasingly well-developed characters. Highly recommended for anyone interested in historical fiction, particularly those set during the latter part of the reign of Elizabeth I of England.

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