Reaching for Rome

Another very good article from Massimo Faggioli on the continuing phenomenon of the splits both within the Catholic Church in the United States, and between some American Catholics – of the neotraditionalist persuasion – and Rome (by which is meant the Roman Pontiff, his Curia, and so on).

Written with a firm understanding of history – always a good place to start – Faggioli highlights the similarities and differences between the current phenomenon and those that have gone before, in this case, the emergence of Action Française and the latter rise of the Society of St Pius X.

As Faggioli highlights for the reader, the current phenomenon, particular that identified by him as the neotraditionalist movement emanating from the American Church, is the preference for politics over theology, for Rome over Jerusalem, for power over the Gospel. It’s almost as if those who are at the forefront of this phenomenon are more interested in the institutional reality of the Church – and their place within the associated power structures – rather than the mission of the Gospel that the Church is entrusted with.

Enjoy reading the article – I certainly did!