Review: World Without End

World Without EndWorld Without End by Ken Follett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The tale of the town and city of Kingsbridge continues in this second volume of Ken Follett’s trilogy. Things have changed in the town and yet things have remained the same with competing priorities and egos lending themselves to the narrative that surrounds the town, the priory and the earldom. Set within the broader historical narrative, the lives of nobles, merchants and serfs in the time of Edward III.

Follett’s narrative style is clear and omnipresent, spanning great swathes of time while focussing on characters who are intimately connected to the protagonists of the first volume. The weaving of the stories of individuals as they crisscross each other is masterfully managed and contributes significantly to the overall appeal of the novel.

The narrator – John Lee – lends his incredible skill to the enjoyment of this novel, bring each of the characters to life while relaying Follett’s story. It was a real pleasure to listen to his voice bringing the story to life.

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