Review: Poseidon’s Gold

Poseidon's Gold (Marcus Didius Falco, #5)Poseidon’s Gold by Lindsey Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Our hero, Marcus Didius Falco, has a new client who is very demanding – himself!

Finding himself a suspect in the suspicious death of a soldier, a one time colleague of Falco’s deceased hero brother, Falco needs to unravel some family dynamics – and some dark family history – in order to solve the murder, clear himself, and keep the extended Didius family in some sort of balance.

This volume in the ongoing Falco series is different than previous volumes, largely because it is internally focused on Falco, his family past and present, and on his relationship with his lady love Helena Justina. It is, from that perspective, a necessary development of characters who are becoming familiar and good friends, and reveals a staging point for the future narratives.

Davis has developed a wonderful set of characters that are woven into a wonderful narrative set in an authentic historical setting. The novels are an engaging and easy read while continuing to catch the readers attention completely.

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