Embracing “The Patrick Option”

Although in Australia’s liturgical calendar the Solemnity of St Patrick will not be celebrated until Monday 18th March, the article below, written for St Patrick’s Day, is well worth reading. This is particularly so, in my humble estimation, because of one of the proposed elements of “The Patrick Option” that the writer attempts to elucidate: the call to remain faithful to your identity and your beliefs, even if the surrounding culture is less than friendly.

There’s a certain ‘rightness’ to what is being explained here, and gathered together under the title of “The Patrick Option”. Embracing such an approach to living the Christian life faithfully won’t be easy (not that was ever meant to be) but will allow an authenticity and integrity that itself will allow the Christian to be true to God’s call and purpose and the Christian’s response in the every day of life.

The article is well worth reading – and “The Patrick Option” is well worth considering.

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