Review: Treason’s Tide

Treason's Tide  (Archives of the Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny and Survey, #1)Treason’s Tide by Robert Wilton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this excursion in the dark world of English espionage set in the time of the attempt by France’s Emperor Napoleon to invade England. The shadowy Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny and Survey, part of the British Admiralty though not well known then or now, is being corrupted in the face of French desire to conquer England, and the latest recruit is a pawn in the great game of treason.

The author, Robert Wilton, has created a wonderful and engaging narrative that drew me into a story that was both realistic and compelling. The true culprit – the traitor at the heart of the attempt to subvert both the Comptrollerate-General and England itself – could have been many of the characters to be found in the novel. These possibilities included the main protagonist himself, a character I had mixed emotions, yet the eventual culprit came as a surprise. It was, thankfully, a wonderful way for the novel to end.

I look forward to further volumes in this series.

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