Review: Eye of the Needle

Eye of the NeedleEye of the Needle by Ken Follett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A wonderful story of World War II espionage – and counter-espionage – as British authorities attempt to track down the elusive German spy living amongst them, a spy who has discovered the truth behind the misdirection and deception that is at play in the lead up to the D-Day invasion of France.

With the German agent doing everything to evade capture and determined to get the information he has back to the Fatherland, many people lose their lives by his hands, cars are stolen, people are deceived, and, for one couple living on an isolated island off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland, there follows seduction, murder and mayhem.

This is an engaging story set within the latter stages of the Second World War, steeped in historical reality that is the deception plans put in place by the Allies, and very realistically conveyed by the author. The same realistic presentation is provided in this particular case by the narrator of the audiobook.

Highly recommended.

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