Review: Time To Depart

Time To Depart (Marcus Didius Falco, #7)Time To Depart by Lindsey Davis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Having returned from their adventures in the East, our hero, Falco, and his girlfriend, Helena Justina, settle themselves back into the hurly-burly of Rome. Falco and Helena reunite with their family and friends, but not always for the better. They are also forced to face the future of the relationship in the face of some unexpected news.

In the midst of this, Falco is embroiled in the usual range of intrigue, corruption, and murder that appears to be the daily lot of Rome under Emperor Vespasian. He is enticed into assisting the might of the State in finding answers to a spate of massive and organised thefts, a task right up his alley. But Falco is also coerced into undertaking a second undercover mission to root out potential sources of corruption in the vigiles, the firefighting/police agents of the City of Rome. It is a task that brings Falco into direct conflict with his best friend.

Ultimately, the complex intertwined affairs are brought to a satisfactory conclusion, but not before a few missteps and some unfortunate events. Relationships are strained and almost broken, but in the end, our hero and his immediate circle are left to face an uncertain future in the labyrinthine and seedy underworld of Rome.

A wonderfully constructed and engaging story has been created by Lindsey Davis, as we have come to expect in this series of books. Amusing at times, and always entertaining, the continuing adventures of Falco certainly grab the attention of the reader.

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