Review: Cold Cruel Winter

Cold Cruel Winter (Richard Nottingham, #2)Cold Cruel Winter by Chris Nickson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Constable of Leeds, Richard Nottingham, after whom this series is named has not had a good winter. He lost a daughter and witnessed the death of many other denizens of the city because of a combination of the rampant poverty and the weather. And then there is a particularly gruesome murder that confronts Nottingham and his men, drawing them into a hunt for a perpetrator who believes he has been wrongly treated in the past by leading citizens of Leeds.

The struggle to identify and capture the criminal takes many twists and turns, but ultimately Nottingham triumphs and the city of Leeds is ignorant of the horrendous nature of what lurked within it. The journey to the endpoint is not without challenges that strike very close to Nottingham and his men, nor would the outcome be considered morally virtuous in a contemporary setting, but for the time in which our story is set, the outcome is what it is. There will be, one suspects, consequences of the actions that bring the mystery to an end, but they are for a future volume in the unfolding series.

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