Review: Sabbath as Resistance: Saying No to the Culture of Now

Sabbath as Resistance, New Edition with Study Guide: Saying No to the Culture of NowSabbath as Resistance, New Edition with Study Guide: Saying No to the Culture of Now by Walter Brueggemann
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This is a dangerous little book that challenges the status quo of contemporary society. The push to produce, to acquire, to consume and to dominate is directly challenged in Walter Brueggeman’s examination of the biblical notion of Sabbath, which rests on the ‘otherness’ of Sabbath.

Brueggeman argues, coherently and biblically, for a reembracing of the principle of Sabbath as the God-given means by which those are in a righteous relationship with God are able to resist the demands of a system – political and economic – that is driven by anxiety and insecurity. Only by embracing Sabbath practice are we able to once again see beyond our own often false concerns to those issues and activities that impact on our neighbours.

Embracing the Sabbath once more, Brueggeman argues, allows us the possibility of fostering the flourishing of humanity as a whole, not just our own. And this other centredness is what marks out the basis of the covenantal relationship believers are called to live with God.

A short, easy to engage with the text, this book also features a study guide for use individually or in small groups. I only skimmed through the study guide at this point, but it seeks to make real and concrete the thoughts and thesis of Brueggeman. I would really like to embrace the possibility of a small study group exploring together the contents of this book.

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