Review: The Falling Sword

The Falling Sword (Clash of Empires #2)The Falling Sword by Ben Kane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The story continues of the great clash of empires and civilisations that was the battle between the City of Rome and the Kingdom of Macedon in the early second century BC. Set against the historical background of the conflict between Flaminius, Consul of Rome, and Philip, King of Macedon, and narrated in the stories of a small coterie of characters from both sides of the conflict, the combination of narrative and historicity makes this novel engaging and entertaining.

Across this novel, as with its predecessor, we see the back and forth of fortune as it plays out in the various battles that mark the conflict, and the impacts this has on the lives and fortunes of each of the major characters. Some will live and some will die; some will triumph and some will succumb. Yet the story that unfolds across the course of the novel remains faithful to historical record while revealing a narrative that keeps the attention of the reader.

Highly recommended.

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