Review: Treason’s Spring

Treason's Spring (The Archives Of The Comptrollerate-General For Scrutiny And Survey Book 4)Treason’s Spring by Robert Wilton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’ve generally enjoyed the other books in this continuing series, largely because of the combination of intrigue and the timeframes in which they were located. This volume, unfortunately, lacked a certain something in the writing that made it less enjoyable than its companions. And that is a great pity as the timeframe, that of the French revolution, would have immediately grabbed my attention in any usual context.

The development of the storyline and master narrative in this particular edition was what I would characterise as unnecessarily complicated. Others may appreciate the styling of the writing but it really didn’t work for me (and yes, that could say more about me than the author).

That being said, the attention to historic detail by the author is in keeping with his previous work and it will no doubt prompt me to pick up the next instalment in the series. The setting of the French revolution is particularly interesting given that I have only recently listened to a podcast series that detailed the development of that same revolution in some detail.

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