Review: Prophecy

ProphecyProphecy by S.J. Parris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The plots to dethrone Elizabeth and replace her with Mary of Scotland have taken on new depths and our hero, Doctor Giordano Bruno, finds himself in an enviable position in the midst of the conspirators while also acting as an agent of Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth’s ‘chief spymaster’. Add to that some mysterious and gruesome murders that set the populace of London on guard and ill at ease, and you have all the ingredients for a wonderful tale of murder, intrigue and conspiracy.

The sub-plots are interwoven, of course, and their constant interplay adds to the overall enjoyment of the narrative. The ongoing quest of Bruno, for example, to discover a missing book that would aid him in his attempt to understand the universe and humanity’s place in it takes an interesting twist that promises more adventures to come in future volumes of the series. The interplay of history and narrative is masterfully contrived to capture the reader’s attention and hold it from the first page to the last.

Our regular characters take on new layers of complexity in the writing of S.J. Parris as we learn more and more of the past that makes them who they are in the eyes of the reader. It is a masterful presentation of the late Elizabethan era and the complexities that attend the early years of the Reformation across England and Europe.

A wonderfully enjoyable read, and highly recommended.

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