Review: Treachery

Treachery (Giordano Bruno, #4)Treachery by S.J. Parris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The hero of our series, Doctor Giordano Bruno of Nola, meets Sir Francis Drake as Drake prepares for a great adventure designed to upset the Spanish and enrich England. The only problem is an unexplained death aboard Drake’s flagship, a death that threatens to delay the fleet sailing and potentially completely destroy Drake’s plan.

Accompanied by his close friend, Sir Philip Sidney, the son-in-law of Sir Francis Walsingham, the Queen’s chief spy and Bruno’s paymaster, Bruno is drafted into the investigation of the murder. Once involved, Bruno confronts local corruption, high treason, and individual debauchery. Faced with personal danger – again! – Bruno must face an old enemy in order to save the life of the female relative of Drake and at the cost of losing an ancient text that captures Bruno’s interest and has the potential to change or destroy the basis of the Christian faith.

Bruno eventually unmasks the perpetrator of the murder, but not without a few false starts. His personal bravery and willingness to put his body on the line – literally! – enables Bruno to earn the admiration and respect of Sir Francis Drake.

This is another wonderful narrative set in the late Elizabethan age. The principal characters are by now well known and well developed, while the historicity of the storyline continues to attract attention. This is a well written and well-developed volume in the unfolding Giordano Bruno series. Very highly recommended.

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