Review: Eagles in the Storm

Eagles in the Storm (Eagles of Rome #3)Eagles in the Storm by Ben Kane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The third book in the Eagles of Rome series sees our by now well-known characters once more in the territory of the German tribes, continuing to seek revenge for the events of the Teutoberg Forest. And to recover the lost Eagles of the three legions that fell to the betrayal of Arminius.

By the conclusion of this particular volume in the series, one of the characters is recognised for his bravery and his effectiveness as a leader of soldiers, other characters are dead, and part of the mission of the Roman legions under the command of Germanicus is completed. Along the way, we delve further into the distinctive life of the Roman legion on campaign as an engaging narrative is woven around us, the fruit of erudite scholarship and experienced story-telling.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, as I have the previous series by Ben Kane that I have written. There are more to read, and I look forward to engaging with Kane’s delightful narrative style in the future.

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