Review: The Jupiter Myth

The Jupiter Myth: (Falco 14)The Jupiter Myth: by Lindsey Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Still finding themselves in the Province of Brittania, our hero Marcus Didius Falco, his partner Helena Justina, their family and a few others in their entourage, find themselves embroiled in one of the great civilising undertakings that Roman presence brings to any part of the known world: organised crime!

What was originally intended to be a visit to family members of Helena Justina – her uncle just happens to be the provincial procurator – Falco finds himself called upon to use his professional expertise to solve the murder of a local who just happens to be someone our group had met in the previous volume. The political significance of the murder is not understated, but the presence of an organised gang of Roman criminals who seem determined to make their mark, and their fortune, in the developing settlement of Londinium.

Once again, Lindsey Davis has provided a wonderful narrative set in a gloriously painted setting. The narrative is liberally sprinkled with aspersions as to what Londinium might become in the future (which is either very prescient of Falco, or the realistic recognition of Davis), and historically appropriate. The use of the first-person narrative is becoming increasingly enjoyable for this particular reader, and something that I look forward to each time I open one of the ongoing adventures of the continuing Marco Didius Falco Mysteries series.

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